PayPal e-Commerce Feature

Integrated PayPal® Payment System

Earn money with Webinars through our PayPal feature
  • Collect revenue for your Webinars with a PayPal account
  • Sell your live events as well as your recordings - together, or separately!
  • You keep all of the revenue, we do all of the integration
  • Provide discount codes to give custom pricing to different groups
  • Attendees must successfully make payment before they are registered for your webinar or webcast
  • Schedule your web conference, video conference, webcast or webinar in advance
  • Allow your attendees to register for your event, and only receive login instructions once they've registered
  • Create any number of custom fields, to collect any information you wish

With the integration of PayPal into the InstantPresenter feature set, presenters can monetize content indefinitely, as well as make live presentations and recorded versions available as products to sell. With our services and your content, you can turn the InstantPresenter platform into a revenue-generating channel for yourself.

PayPal is integrated directly into the interface, creating a seamless process to sell your knowledge as products. In addition, this feature can be tailored to fit your business’ needs: allowing you to create any number of custom fields to collect any information you wish, as well as a discount structure for webinar pricing. The discount structure has three tiers and is accessed by discount codes distributed at the presenter’s discretion.

Simply enter your PayPal account email and set a price for your event. Now, whenever an attendee registers for the event, they submit their payment via PayPal to. You keep all the revenue generated, we don't take a dime.

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