Web Conferencing Features

Easy-to-Use for Both Presenters and Attendees

  • No Downloads Required There are no downloads required to host or attend a webinar. InstantPresenter is completely web based. (We do offer an optional browser plug-in, which allows meeting presenters to take advantage of our advanced screen sharing and High-Quality Video features.)

  • Cross Platform & Browser Compatible webinar Service compatible with web browsers PC - Internet Explorer, FireFox and Google Chrome browsers
    Mac - Safari and FireFox

Promote Your Webinar

Social Media webinar Service
My Webinar Hub My Webinar Hub is a powerful marketing tool that enables you to easily harness the power of social media to promote your webinars.

Profile Page
Includes a customizable My Webinar Hub Profile where you can promote your online meetings and build your follower base on social networks, such as Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn. Visitors can also register for your public webinars or view your previously recorded webinars on-demand.

Social Integration
Automatically promote your webinars on your Facebook and Twitter accounts through the Social Integration aspect of My Webinar Hub.

For more detailed information, please visit the My Webinar Hub features page.

webinar Registration and Invitation Tools
Automated Meeting Invitations & Registration Tools Compose and send meeting invites using a single form, allowing recipients to join meetings by clicking on a link in the email. No complicated meeting IDs to remember!
The invitation e-mail contains a link that allows registered attendees to login to a meeting instantly, without having to provide information twice. Any registration information that has been previously filled-out will simply be retrieved. If a meeting requires a password, attendees and presenters will still be required to enter the password they chose, however all other information will be pre-filled for them. This includes surveys, which pre-fills information that was provided during registration, where applicable. If the meeting is PayPal integrated, the invited presenters do not need to pay in order to register.

Meeting hosts can invite attendees and presenters to a meeting. The presenter will receive a special invitation which grants them “presenter rights” as soon as they log into the meeting.
webinar Service Payment System
Integrated PayPal Payment System You can charge attendees to attend your live webinars or even to view your recorded webinars on-demand. Attendees simply register and check out via PayPal. With this feature, you can turn your content into a revenue-generating feature.
  • Collect revenue for your Webinars with a PayPal account
  • Sell your live events as well as your recordings - together, or separately!
  • You keep all of the revenue, we do all of the integration
For more detailed information, please visit our PayPal e-Commerce Feature page.
webinar Service
Personalized URL Have your own personalized URL for all of your meetings and your social profile page.
This convenient feature lets you create easy to remember custom URLs to send to clients, prospects, and colleagues.

The URL can be posted as a quick and effective means of driving attendees to your profile page, where they can see scheduled meetings you have made public. It also serves as a simple way of sending attendees to specific meetings, live or recorded.
webinar Service
Custom Branding Promote your brand by customizing your webinars with your company’s logo or custom meeting room background.
A main picture will be displayed in the Presenter Window whenever you are not broadcasting video in your meeting. Though this is generally a picture of the presenter, it can be any picture of your choosing, such as a logo. This picture will be displayed on the login screen, as well as the registration and survey forms for your meetings.

If you select a plan with that includes the Webcast Interface, you can upload the background of your choice to be displayed on the attendee side of the application. There is link that will allow you to pick from one of several backgrounds we have available, or you can upload a custom design.

Engage Your Audience

webinar Service
Live Video and Audio Broadcasting A Webcam and microphone are all you need to host live video web conferences and webinars. Broadcast up to 6 live videos at once.
Voice-Over IP (VoIP) is seamlessly integrated for a completely interactive meeting. Using a microphone attached to the computer the presenter can broadcast their voice to all attendees of the web meeting using VoIP.
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High Quality Video All plans include the ability to broadcast professional looking high quality video that is not choppy or pixilated.
InstantPresenter’s proprietary High Quality Video feature transforms standard webcam feed into a crystal clear picture with swift, real-time action.

Our High Quality Video ranges from 250 - 600 kbps, with a smooth frame-rate of 15-24 frames per second and features a large video size of either 320 x 240 or 640 x 480 pixels, broadcasting virtually TV-quality video.

To enable High Quality Video, simply click on the “Install High Quality Video Plug-in” link at the bottom of the InstantPresenter Account Manager screen. Only the meeting host has to install the plug-in, attendees don’t need to download anything to view your high quality video stream.
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PowerPoint Slide Sharing and more Upload PowerPoint, PDF, Word, Excel, image or Flash files to use in your presentation
Instantly convert your PowerPoint® presentations with a single click. More than just an online conferencing tool, InstantPresenter offers full upload and support of PowerPoint® files, making it easy to conduct webinars, webcasts, informational conferences, sales meetings, employee training and orientation, and more.

The interface has the ability to lock the display, so that your audience sees your presentation exactly the way you see it. This tool allows you to maximize the slide area to focus on your slides, or expand the video window so that everyone can see you better. No matter how you resize your screen, if you’ve “locked it” then everyone’s screen will resize that way too. Just click the “Lock View” button!

InstantPresenter supports the following file formats :

Microsoft Office Files
  • PowerPoint - .ppt, .pptx & .pps files
  • Word - .doc files
  • Excel - .xls
Adobe Acrobat
  • .pdf files
Image Files
  • gif
  • jpg
  • png
Video Files
  • AVI - .avi files
  • Flash - .flv & .swf files
  • Quicktime - .mov files
  • MPEG - .mpeg & .mpg files
  • Windows Media Video - .wmv files
Audio Files
  • MP3 Audio - .mp3 files
  • WAV Audio - .wav files
webinar Service
Webcast Interface Custom design your own branded background, providing your attendees with an engaging viewing experience.
With our 200 attendee and larger plans , you have the option of using the InstantPresenter Webcast Interface. While the presenter has the same view, attendees see a nice, clean webcast that shows just your video stream, PowerPoint slides and text chat window. You have the option of branding the interface by creating your own custom background.

To customize the webcast you can pick from one of several pre-designed backgrounds or you can design your own custom background. Using a custom background allows you to promote your brand, using your company colors and logo.

Compare the interfaces:

What Attendees See

What Presenters See
webinar Service
Screen Sharing Web-based collaboration has never been easier. InstantPresenter lets you share your screen with attendees for software demos, design collaborations, document creation, and more.
When you start a screen sharing session, your audience members will be able to see your screen either scaled to fit in their window or in actual size with scroll bars on the sides. Depending on how large your attendees’ screens are, our software will automatically detect what the best option is for the audience.
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Whiteboard InstantPresenter’s array of markup tools let you annotate slides on the fly during webcasts, webinars, and video conferencing.
This tool is very useful for providing attendees with a focal-point during the presentation. InstantPresenter’s array of markup tools let you annotate slides on the fly during webcasts, webinars, and video conferencing. This ensures that all points are made effectively, and gives you the freedom to highlight anything important to your audience.

The Whiteboard gives you the feeling of an interactive touch pen and monitor. You can choose the color and size of your markings along with shaped stamps, inserted shapes, text boxes, arrows, lines, and more.
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Interactive Chat – Instant Messaging Our interactive text chat feature allows presenters and attendees to communicate with each other.
This can be done through Text Chat instant messaging, or an easy to use Q & A-style interaction. The Q & A tool creates a more efficient online presentation and allows the moderator a simpler way to navigate through the attendees questions. It allows for greater fluidity of presentations and verifies you have answered all attendee questions you want to answer, and ignore the ones you don’t.

The Q & A tool is found under the Text Chat Tab at the top of the presenters interface and takes the place of the text chat. The Q & A tool works in screen sharing mode as well as the webcast interface. You can create your own questions for yourself and also hide certain questions and answer them later. Ultimately, interactive chat through InstantPresenter promotes and fosters attendee participation.
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On-Demand Recording All aspects of your webcast, webinar, and online conferencing presentations –including audio, video, and PowerPoint® slides - are stored on our servers for playback any time of the day or night.
Along with the ability to record, InstantPresenter’s platform provides you with the ability to archive and safely store all of your online event recordings. Ultimately ensuring that those who cannot make it to the live broadcast don’t miss out!

There is also the option of having the recording require a login, which will prompt the viewer for their name and email before they can view the recording. This option is useful for tracking who views your recordings.
Conference Calling
Integrated Toll and Toll-Free Conference Calling Audio Option Give your customers, prospects, and employees the option to simply dial-in using their telephones and participate in web conferences, webinars and webcasts.
InstantPresenter offers toll-free and toll phone conferencing as an alternative to using your computer microphone and speakers (VoIP). The audio from the conference can be synced with your webinar recordings for easy post event viewing.

For more detailed information on toll-free conferencing calling, please visit the conference calling features page.

Evaluate the Effectiveness of Your Message

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Polling Create custom polls, then collect data in real time to test audience retention, get feedback on products and ideas, or measure customer attitudes. InstantPresenter makes it easy to design polls, as well as store polling data for later use.
This tool allows you to create new polls and edit existing ones. Cumulative results for all active polling questions are also available to you.

When customizing the poll, InstantPresenter provides you with the choice of true/false format, or multiple choice. The “answer” fields allow up to 5 different answers the attendees will be able to choose from. Once the poll is designed, it can be easily added to the meeting room. Editing an existing poll is also made easy, allowing you to change the topic, answers, or even number of votes for each answer.
webinar Service
Hand Raising, Mood Indicators Attendees can provide feedback to the presenter such as, “I have a question”, “Slow down”, “Speed up”, “I agree” or “I disagree”.
Your audience simply uses a pull-down menu to let you know if they have a question or to indicate their state. When they use these options, you will see an icon by the attendee's name.

This is a great way to have a read on your presentation, and truly give your attendees a voice. Comprehension and interest-level are vital to the success of your online presentation.
webinar Service
Survey & Testing Tools Create a survey to gain user feedback or create a test that attendees can take after a webinar.
This tool ensures true comprehension of your webinar’s message, which will assist you in reaching your goals, as well as future webinar planning. Used in conjunction with the polling feature, the survey tool and testing tool is a great way to conduct market research.

The testing feature specifically allows you to implement the full-cycle process of training or online learning. Customize your tests from top to bottom, and indicate “Pass” or “Fail” at the end of the exam. Choose what landing page or link you would like attendees to see once they have taken the test, so they are able to take the next appropriate step.
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