Closing the Circle: Analyzing and Improving Assessments for Learning
Presented by Dan Levin, President and Founder of EducAide Software, Vallejo, CA

This webinar is the last in a three-part series about bringing higher-level questions into the classroom.  The first focused on writing better questions, the second on electronic delivery. This webinar will be about best practices. We will discuss newer classroom models where assessment is made part of everyday teaching and learning.

Specifically, we'll see how:
  • assessment can be worked into a flipped classroom or blended learning environment
  • non-traditional forms of assessment, such as peer-to-peer learning, can produce useful information for the teacher
  • warmup, group, and closure activities can have an assessment component
  • teachers can make students more responsible for their own learning through technology-enhanced self-assessments
The methods for integrating instruction and assessment are relevant to all grades and all core subjects (math, science, social studies and ELA). The intended audience for this webinar is K-12 teachers, curriculum and assessment specialists, and anyone responsible for professional development or training for CCSS.

Sponsored by Problem-Attic

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