K-12 Funding Sources: Navigating the Money Trail
Presented by David DeSchryver, Vice President of Education Policy at Whiteboard advisors and 
Deborah (Deb) Ward, independent grant writing consultant, book author, and columnist for eSchool News and eSchool News’ Grants & Funding Center

With the economy limping along, growing ever-so-slowly, funding new programs or expanding existing ones can be challenging for K-12 educators. But it isn’t impossible! In our community’s next webinar, education funding experts Deb Ward and David DeSchryver will share tips and pointers for navigating the money trail.

This event, ideal for program, school, and district leaders, will focus on identifying funding paths for K-12 ELL and World Language programs, including navigating the money trail for federal funds and identify potential new sources of program funding. Funding programs discussed will include:
  • Title I (formula grant for supplemental funds targeted for at-risk or failing students)
  • Title III (English proficiency programs for LEP students)
  • Title IV (community learning centers providing academic enrichment opportunities to complement academics)
  • State General Funds
  • Private Grants
In addition to learning where and how the panelists sourced funds, attendees will have the opportunity to pose questions and share ideas. 

Sponsored by Rosetta Stone

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