Are You Designing for Mobile?
Presented by David Jakes, Educational Digital Designer and Strategist, Cannon Design and The Third Teacher Plus

At the heart of the expansive growth of mobile devices is the staggering capability to connect and communicate.  How that capability is leveraged by school districts is an emerging and compelling question.  In our community’s next webinar, Educational Digital Designer and Strategist David Jakes will explore a framework for developing and deploying a mobile ecology for your school or district.  Learn about the strategies required to build learning environments for students that take advantage of the affordances of mobile technologies, and how mobile capacity can be creatively used to connect with community stakeholders.  This webinar will challenge you to deeply consider the role of mobile technologies in what you do, and how designing for mobile can become a 21st Century mindset for schools. Join David on September 26 to learn about designing for mobile.

Sponsored by Wowzers
Co-hosted by CoSN, ISTE SIGML, and SIIA

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