The Future of Personalized Learning in Elementary Schools
Presented by Julie Evans, CEO of Project Tomorrow and Chief Researcher of Speak Up National Research Project; and Neal Manegold (NBCT), Curriculum Producer, DreamBox Learning

In our community’s next webinar, Julie Evans, CEO of Project Tomorrow and Chief Researcher of Speak Up National Research Project, and Neal Manegold (NBCT), Curriculum Producer, DreamBox Learning, will explore the role of personalized learning in today’s elementary schools. They will discuss how technology can and should play a part in delivering truly individualized instruction. Julie and Neal also will show us how technology can supplement and reinforce the efforts of increasingly overextended classroom teachers. Join them on August 29th to find out:

- What elementary school students and parents expect in a personalized learning experience.
- What new technologies administrators believe have the greatest potential for meeting the personalized learning challenge.
- How teachers are responding to the call to personalize education.
- How new technologies are improving teaching and learning through personalization.

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