Online Language Learning - Recipe for Success
Presented by Jennifer Frazier, Director of Institutional Solutions at Rosetta Stone

The way we teach and how we think about learning is changing rapidly. Brick and mortar schools, chalkboards, desks, and textbooks are being left behind as education takes a leap into the 21st century.  Schools across the country embrace new technology and new learning environments as a means to personalize learning—but too many schools purchase technology and waver on how best to leverage it in the classroom. 
The same holds true when leveraging technology for language learning. A recent Project Tomorrow survey found that 69% of students would like to leverage technology for language learning. As districts begin to look into online language-learning implementations most wonder what will this look like and what model to follow.
 In our community’s next webinar, we will explore best practices for implementing an online language-learning program and different implementation models available to address your district’s unique needs and goals.  Our discussion will include:
Current trends in language-learning programs 
Leveraging technology and online learning 
Language learning implementation models 
Successful Implementation of language-learning programs  
Language learning that fits your school/district needs and goals 

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