Inquiry in the Garden: Facilitating Student-Led Investigations for Grades K-8 in an Outdoor, Living Laboratory
Presented by Whitney Cohen, Education Director at Life Lab

Learn to use a school garden, however large or small, as a “living laboratory” to engage students in the true work of scientists: raising questions, making careful observations, designing investigations, and reporting their findings to the public. In today's educational climate, with such a strong emphasis on tests to determine if students have learned the answers to various questions, the art of questioning itself appears in danger of becoming extinct. Within this context, it is a breath of fresh air to hear children asking their own questions, alive with the desire to investigate, explore, and learn. And where better to ignite their sense of curiosity than in a living, growing garden? In our community’s next webinar, Whitney Cohen, Education Director at Life Lab, will discuss the value of inquiry-based learning and look at tried-and-true tips for facilitating student-led investigations in a garden or other outdoor setting.  Join Whitney on September 10 to learn how to facilitate student-led investigations in the garden.

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