Common Core Implementation - Tools and Tips
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Danielle Hartman, Literacy Specialist/Technology Integration, Burlington County Institute of Technology-Westampton, NJ; Cherrie MacInnes, Grade 3 teacher, Brewer Community School, Brewer, ME; and Dr. Laurie Henry, Assistant Professor, School of Education, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY

The Common Core will alter how many teachers approach English language arts activities, across the curriculum, with the increased emphasis on reading in content areas. In our community’s next webinar, three master teachers will share ideas and insights on the Common Core. 
Dr. Laurie Henry, a former Connecticut middle school teacher, will present an integrated research project on environmental issues, with cross-curricular tie-ins, that she has developed for middle level students that incorporates all of the CCSS Anchor Standards for Literacy (reading, writing, speaking, and listening). 
Danielle Hartman, a New Jersey district-level high school staff development coordinator with expertise in Common Core strategies, will show us how a team revised a grade 10 World Literature course to include nonfiction and authentic communication between students and peers.
Cherrie MacInnes, a third grade teacher in Brewer, Maine, has set up student Skype sessions with peer classrooms in every US state and multiple countries. She will discuss how Skype units provide authentic learning situations and address many Common Core standards for early elementary students. Join Laurie, Danielle, and Cherrie on January 17 for tools and tips for Common Core implementation.

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